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Alexis Pope

… is a British artist, born and raised in London. His father was from Grenada, his mother from England. London was a place seething with racism during his childhood, a subject that is not often spoken about. Due to the efforts of his parents and particularly his father who had been a soldier in the RAF during the 2nd world war and had subsequently pursued a carrier as a Jazz pianist in London, he was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music, where he eventually won the Gold Medal for pianoforte on graduation.

His influences range from psychoanalysis, socialism and improvisation, to the pressing issues of human rights, sexism and racism as well as concerns for the environment. His memories of the workshops he gave in Ramallah, Palestine 2008 to commerate 100 years of the Palestinian state are very warm. He has had exhibitions in England, Germany and Switzerland, and has performed on the BBC and Deutschland Radio. For several years he was a dozent at the HDK in Berlin. His work also includes video and film. The film “Suma Genji” which he wrote and directed, and produced together with videographer Furuya Takeshi deals with a man who has been ostracised from society, and the short art-video “Projected Paradise” deals with premature death. It is inspired by Milton's “Paradise Lost”

A short list of influences

Lucian Freud, Beuys, Boulez, Mahler, Nietzsche, Adorno, Derrida, Heidegger, Ovid, Joyce, Marx, Angela Davis, Tacitus, Pasolini, Ingmar Bergman, Gomrich, Jakob Böhme